INPRO was founded over twenty years ago by two contractors Paul Calvillo and Rick Lykins. Their inspiration came during a project on the ocean in Newport Beach, California. One of their painters was preparing to paint a seawall, during set up he filtered his paint with a strainer- bag; a common routine to protect spray equipment from premature wear, plugged spray tips and ensure a quality finish is applied.

However, the cheese-cloth strainer-bag he used was very messy. They drip everywhere, leave a mess on painter’s hands and work area, requiring a lot of clean up afterwards. Paul and Rick’s painter cleaned up, but did not realize the sink he was using drained directly into the ocean, creating a hazardous paint spill. When local authorities arrived to investigate, Paul and Rick found themselves facing a $25,000 fine.

At that time an environmentally safe, clean and easy way to strain paint just did not exist. Paul had a great idea how to make straining easier. Together, Paul and Rick improved their design until it was safe for the environment, clean and inexpensive for their crew to use. They named their invention SuperStrainer.

SuperStrainerTM became an instant success with contractors, painters, factories; ink formulators, printing companies and retailers like Sherwin Williams and Home Depot. SuperStrainerTM won the Governor’s “Best Product” designation and became known as a fast, easy and clean way to recycle leftover paints, inks, adhesives and other industrial fluids. SuperStrainerTM has saved customers millions of dollars because it reduces clean-up and disposal costs, recycles leftover fluids and prevents waste.

INPRO added to that success by developing other products with the same design criterion: they must be inexpensive, assist compliance with environmental laws, enhance sustainability measures and add to work place safety. Primarily, they have to be clean, easy to use products that improve fluid management practices daily.

Twenty years ago starting a “green” company was almost unheard of, 10 years ago “going green” became fashionable. Today most companies, City, State and Federal governments realize, to be competitive in a global economy, it’s a necessity to ”be green”. For over 20 years INPRO has helped customers “be green” by helping them manage fluids sustainably.

INPRO looks forward to its next mission as a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor providing a group of products that are unique. This product niche sets INPRO apart as GSA‘s “Sole Source” for fluid management products.

INPRO’s “ Small Business” status, with the GSA, offers extensive support, economic development and other GSA protections that provide competitive assistance with other larger global companies. INPRO projects this contract will exceed 100 million dollars annually, while proudly saving our Country an estimated half billion dollars with the same sustainable products INPRO’s customers have enjoyed for 20 years.